Vertical Scroll bar and Treeview Synchronization, Cursor issues
Date:4/26/2011 3:20:33 PM
Product:ActiveGanttCSN Gantt Chart / Scheduler Component
Framework:.Net Framework 4.0 / Visual Studio 2010
User's Development Environment:C# Visual Studio 2010
Subject:Technical Problems with ActiveGantt CSN

1. If I set the property "AllowAdd" of ActiveGantt to "false" I get strange behaviour with my mouse-cursor. When I select a task which has "AllowedMovement" set to "MT_RESTRICTEDTOROW", my mouse-cursor changes to the movement-arrow which is fine. When I now move my mouse-cursor vertically away from the task, it still looks like the move-cursor! When I move the mouse over the left "edge" of the task like when i want to stretch the task on its left side, it changes to the horizontal double-arrow. But now it stays like this again! In short, if my mouse-cursor changes once, it stays like this until I hove over another task. If I set "AllowAdd" to true, only then it behaves like in your demos.

2. This one is rather hard to explain, I hope I can explain it good enough without pictures: I added a few rows into ActiveGantt, a few with "Depth" set to 0, and a few child-rows with depth set to 1. Every row with depth = 0 is collaped, so no row with depth = 1 is shown. Now I expand the 3rd row and automatically every corresponding row with depth = 1 gets shown. There are now more rows shown then would fit into the window, so on the right side the scrollbar becomes visible. Until here everything is alright. I now scroll down, until the first 2 rows with depth = 0 scroll out of the window, and then collaps my 3rd row with depth = 0 so that no child-rows are shown again. The scrollbar on the right vanishes immediately, and it's no more possible to get to my first 2 rows!

This happens with both my test application and your demos.

3. I have rows with depth = 0 and corresponding rows with depth = 1 again. All rows with depth = 0 are collapsed. When I now expand just one row, the vertical scrolling gets all screwed-up. It is like vertical scrolling tries to scroll the now invisible depth = 1 rows.

This happens again with both my test application and your demos.



We have confirmed these issues to be bugs in the following products:

These bugs have been corrected for all of the above mentioned products in version 2.8.4


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